A drape is always provided for your privacy and comfort. Whether you choose to be draped is your decision. Some clients choose to wear nothing under the drape. Some clients choose to wear nothing and ignore the drape. Others prefer wearing loose fitting undergarments and be draped. Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and safe. Note: in order to massage a particular body part it will need to be uncovered at time of treatment.


Are you in pain? Stressed? Did someone tell you to? Or do you simply want to be pampered?

All of the above are great reasons. It’s true a quality massage will ease pain, relax and lower stress, and in the end you will feel pampered.

But did you know a quality massage strengthens your immune system, flushes out toxins, and awakens your cardio-vascular system—-meaning your muscles and organs receive an increased supply of blood—-packed with nutrition and oxygen?

And did you know a quality massage will actually lengthen muscle tissue; creating extracellular space for proper blood flow and uninhibited nerve conduction? And the added length also decreases the wear and tear on cartilage and joints.


A massage never has to hurt. It really depends on what you want your massage to accomplish. E.g. Are you simply looking to relax or do you have stiffness and pain you would like to rid yourself of? Imagine having your back gently rubbed, what I refer to as “A Cruise Ship Poodle-fluff.” It feels good, so good you almost fall asleep–but did it help the stiffness in your low back, neck, or knee? The answer is no it did not. Reason being–in order to lengthen muscle tissue a degree of pressure. And sometimes the amount of pressure needed causes a degree of temporary discomfort. The key to understanding and receiving maximum benefits from a massage is to understand muscle length and how it affects your movement and your comfort zone. Make a fist. Look at it. Squeeze hard. You are viewing muscle shortness.
In order to make a fist the muscles of your hand have shortened. Now relax you hand. Allow the fingers to unfold and straighten. You are now viewing muscles that have lengthened. Now imagine your low back–how stiff it feels–how it aches with pain and exhaustion. The muscles of your back–like your hand are making a fist. They are short and need to be stretched out–lengthened. Therefore, the key to a giving a quality massage is to know how to lengthen muscle tissue and at the same time bring relaxation to the client. Sounds impossible?


No. I will remain dressed at all times and ask for no reciprocation. Please note: I welcome all questions and concerns, but many questions and concerns are best asked or discussed in person, not over media.